v1.8 routing to an AB2412 Extender not working for new Group Mix Mode

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    I have a QU-32 with a AB2412 expander. With the extended monitor sends now available in v1.8 by sacrificing Group sends, we’re using a total of 9 unique monitor mixes out of the 11 potentially available. Previously, we were saturated at the limit of 7 (4 mono + 3 stereo). The routing is straight-forward in that the 12 outputs are routed #1->1, #2->2, #3->3, #4->4, #5->5, #6->6, #7->7, #8->8, #9->7, #10->GRP-5L, #11-notUsed, #12-notUsed.

    The problem I ran into is that the #10->GRP5L configuration would not allow any signal through. The ONLY way I could get signal through was to reconfigure #10->MATRIX3, and then route Group5L to MATRIX3. All is well now. I can run this way for now, but I hate to have to sacrifice my MATRIX3 output for this functionality. They are too nice to waste like this.

    Is this a bug/defect in the software? Or am I possible configuring something incorrectly?

    Thanks for this update! It Rocks! The only feature on my wish list now is QU-Drive playback to allow routing to selected channels versus always and only to channels 1-18 (and it would be nice if the playback would remember the channel it recorded, and default to playing back on that channel). This feature would allow us to train our volunteers letting them to use a Virtual Sound Check mode to mix where the channel setup would be identical to our LIVE setup.

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    I can confirm this is a software bug, we’ve been able to reproduce and are working towards a fix.

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