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    Matthew D

    Hello all! Hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

    I am wondering if it is possible and/or how I could use the SQ7 in conjunction with the Qu Pac. I was hoping to be able to use the Qu Pac as an IEM setup for our vocalists, and the SQ7 as the IEM setup for our musicians. I’m just not really sure how to go about this. So I have a few questions:

    1) I am running the SQ7 with an AR2412 stage box. Will this be able to integrate with the SQ and Qu Pac? (If I set the Qu Pac up as an expander for the SQ, I lose the AR2412.)

    2) What’s the best way to go about this? What are everyone’s suggestions?

    3) Would this setup require the S-link card to add another S-link port to the SQ?

    My main goal here would be to use the Qu Pac to expand the SQ, but still be able to use the AR2412 Stage box. I just don’t know if that’s possible.

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    1.) yes
    2.) unfortunately there is no best way
    3.) yes

    the second SLink would realise a split to the QU
    but remember you have no access to the QU from the SQ
    they share only audio (and sync of course)
    and you need a second network cable for the split

    you should add a remote control for IEM on the QU side
    and before you ask, the AR2412 is not able to provide a split by itself

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    Mike C

    How many total IEM mixes do you need?

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    Matthew D

    Ok thanks for the help! I think we would be looking at minimum a dozen IEMs.

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    Matthew D

    The SQ7 has 12 available. The issue is it would be beneficial to have mixes available for subs, front fills, and live stream. Currently just using a matrix with the house mix for all of these.

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    Mike C

    The QU Pac could do all 12 mixes, four of them mono though. You can switch
    the four groups to be stereo mixes and you could use the main LR as the 12th mix.
    To get that many outputs you would need to use a stage box with the additional
    outputs routed to the stage box.

    How many input channels are you dealing with?

    A good ole hardwired split could be still be used, even in the digital mixer world
    hardwired splits still have a place…..and they will always work.

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    Matthew D

    That would be great. Right now we’re able to work within the 32 input channels on the SQ.

    I’m a little fuzzy on the idea here though. If I get the second S-link card, one S-link goes to the Qu Pac, and the other goes to the stage box (AR2412). From there, all of the inputs will become available via patching the channel outputs to the inputs of the Qu? I’m sorry for confusion, I’m just trying to understand so I can relay this information to my leadership.

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    Yes, connected as you say, the SQ inputs & AR2412 inputs are available to both desks – patched using tie lines to the QuPac where they are available in the patch panel. The SQ will control gain & phantom.

    The QuPac inputs will be controlled by the by the QuPack and can be made available to the SQ’s patch screen (though it sounds as if you don’t need that)

    SQ’s outputs are available on SQ & AR2412 as normal, but can not (I believe) be directly sent to the QuPack”s outputs (another thing I don’t think you want anyway)

    Then by patching within the QuPac output screen


    SQ’s tie lines, the QuPack’s outputs can be routed to come out of the AR2412 and/or the SQ output sockets, as well as the hard wired outputs of the QuPack.

    Let’s see if this link works 😉

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