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    Hi all,

    Im having issues while recording to a USB. It happened once before, but this time it happened twice during the same song. The logs say:

    “USB Record Buffer Overrun Detected at 00:01:06”

    and then again at 00:04:06.

    The audio files skip for a few seconds when playing them back on a computer. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    Didn’t happen to me, but sounds like your usb-stick should be defragmented and reformated! Might not be an issue of the console!

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    Is there any advantage to defragging flash memory?


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    I have always been told that defragmenting flash memory was a bad idea as it only shortens the life of the memory and doesnt help. After reading eotsskleet’s post, I did some research. It turns out that defragmenting flash memory really does help the write speed, which is what matters in this case.

    I didnt immediately think that it was an issue with the console, but I decided to post and see if anyone else has come across this error. Worst case, we find out new information for anyone who comes across this error in the future.

    I will go out and buy a new USB. Probably a USB 3.0 drive just to have support for the faster speeds. I will post back with my findings.

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    Sorry to bump this thread, but I said that I would post back with my findings.

    I have been using a new flash drive for a few months and I haven’t had any issues with recording. I was even able to record an entire hour and fifteen minutes without a problem. So if anyone has errors with recording, it is just easier to buy a better flash drive.

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    We need to get a new flash drive for recording. Did you have to format it to FAT? I have seen that on other posts and wanted to still see if was necessary.

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    For the sake of helping anyone that may have this issue: I’ve had this happen several times and I routinely record for 1-2 hours at a time to USB. As you may know, the GLD is picky with its flash drives and won’t even recognize many. I have some kingston drives that work. After lots of recording time (50+ hours) it will occasionally throw these errors and sometimes cease to be recognized at all. When I plug it into a PC it says there’s an error, so I scan and fix it. Then it’s recognized again in the GLD. Best I can tell, flash memory has a certain level of durability, and after a sector is written to so many times it can begin to fail. Audio recording in WAV can be a higher demand, and over a long period of time the flash drive can have less sectors available for use (same goes for SSD drives after several hundred terabytes of writes). So yes, the easy fix is to get a new flash drive. But if you’re stubborn, you may be able to scan for errors and fix it on a PC until it dies for good.

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    I have tried a couple of USB 3.0 sticks. The desk does not recognize them at all. We have one of the early hardware versions and not sure if the newer desks support USB3.0

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    Something I have found to work out well is to copy all of your information off of the drive and then do a full format of the drive in Windows. A quick format does not truly delete the data, it basically just tells the drive that there is nothing on it. A full format will go to each sector of the drive and write a zero to it. This should help reset a drive that is throwing errors.

    My GLD was purchased about a year and a half ago and it reads USB 3.0 drives just fine. The drives do not perform at USB 3.0 speeds, but they will still perform at fast 2.0 speeds.

    There is a little information on formatting the drives that I would like to share. Drives should be formatted as FAT32 in order to be read by the console. There is a 32gb limitation on the file system of formatting a FAT32 drive. The board does not seem to be able to recognize anything that is formatted differently. I did find a tool that was able to format a 64gb drive as FAT32 and while it did take longer than usual, the board read the drive and was able to write to it.

    For any drive that you use in the GLD, make sure it is formatted as FAT32 and also try a full format as compared to a quick format to try and make a flash drive perform like new again.

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