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    sound space

    Hi everyone,
    this is a very useful forum for SQ owners so thank you to you all for providing the advice that you do!

    I recently bought the SQ5 and took a stereo recording from a live outdoor gig I was doing and the reverb on it was too wet. I appreciate that being outdoors I will be inclined to add a lot of reverb, and more than I want for a recording. I can add reverb later to it if I want.

    So I’d like to send the signal to the SQ drive with no reverb on it. Im sure it is possible in the routing but I can’t see how – apologies up front for being a little slow. Can someone help me?


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    Alex A&H


    I would suggest trying a separate recording mix which can copy the LR mix or be completely independent. Here’s how to set it up:

    – Select the IO key > Mix Out > USB
    – Assign USB channels 1 and 2 to a spare stereo Aux
    – Select the stereo aux and press the Routing key
    – Press the Aux Send setting button on screen
    – Change the Pre-Fade setting to All Post for a copy of the LR mix
    – Press the blue mix key for the stereo Aux and make sure the master fader is at zero.
    – Hold the Reset key and move the channel faders all to zero.

    You can now either mix as normal with your LR mix and not send any reverb return to the Aux, or manage the amount if you want. If you didn’t copy the LR, you can do a separate mix for the recording on headphones.

    I hope this helps!


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    Hello Michael, you’ll need to:
    – setup one of the other mix outputs post fade and with all channels sending to this mix at unity gain
    – send required amount of reverb to this mix (no reverb if you want to record dry)
    – set USB patching to record this mix (instead of LR mix)

    Let me know if you need more details than this.


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    Opps, beaten by the pro!

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    sound space

    Brilliant guys – i assumed it would this straight forward.

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