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    So you’ve got a bunch of channels in a mute group, and its muted, but you need to quickly unmute one!

    Hit mute and you just further mute the channel behind the mute group so that when the group is released, that channel stays muted. Alternatively, release the group and you suddenly hear all the unwanted ones for a split second! 🙁

    New idea: Hold mute for 3 seconds and the channel is released from the group temporarily and the rest of the group stays muted.

    To return to normal: the group can be unmuted and next time it mutes that channel will join as normal.
    Or just hit mute on that channel again and it rejoins the group (rather than taking on an individual mute status)

    Hope that makes sense. Show some love if you’re keen!

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    I agree the functionality is important, but that implementation suffers in discoverability; users will try to use the On button to re-unmute the channel, and it will ignore them, and they’ll move on.

    Is there any reason why just tapping the On button to turn the channel back on is *un*acceptable? How might that break?

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    It might be better to be able to hold the mute group button and use the select keys to add/remove the channels to the mute group. Two birds with one stone.

    Good thought though.

    Also, Baylink, A&H uses mute buttons. What is this “on” button you speak of? 😛

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    Baylink, As I said on FB, that is a good option and maybe there would be a option somewhere to switch between the 2 work modes. As with a lot of things I think we need to try them on the night to know if they work or not. Things need to be intuitive.

    Lightingman, I like your idea too but when you go to do that pressing the mute group softkey will surely unmute the group immediately.

    Maybe you hold the reset button and press the mute on the channel to release it??

    Whichever method, the desk should still keep that channel in the group and next time the soft-mute is hit, its all back to normal. Thoughts?

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    +1 for the ‘unmute a channel within a muted mute group’ option and
    +1 for the ‘return to mute group’ behaviour.

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    I wouldn’t want the button-holding to be necessary to override the DCA or mute group, but it would be great if tapping the mute button toggled the channel to the opposite of whatever its current state is, then back to the DCA/mute group.

    Ie. If the channel is currently muted via a DCA or mute group, tapping the mute button unmutes the channel, and another tap syncs it back with the group. If the DCA is unmuted and the mute group is not engaged, the button acts as normal and mutes the channel. Muting or unmuting the DCA or mute group would bring the channel back into line with the group.

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    How about a soft key to un-mute selected channel, whatever its mute status? It could flash rapidly to show it was active. Press again to return to where things were.

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    I think a setting toggle of current functionality or the “Yahmaha” method. Where unmuting a channel that has been muted by a mute group grants full control of that channels stage to the user. only in clicking the mute group of and on a gain will it steal control back from a individually singled out channel. I do actually prefer this implementation use on recent Yamaha desks (ls9-Cl’s etc). great for theater where you can quickly clear/mute out channels and then select individual ones to override back to on.

    (realize Yamaha has “on” and not “Mutes”

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    Unfortunately, this feature was not included in the last udate. Maybe the next version?

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