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    currently using a GLD with its ecosystem, what configurations of I/O expanders are supported?

    Reading the borchures i gather that all 48 kHz dSnake Expanders (AR2412, AB168, AR84) are supported.
    Can all 3 of them be hooked up sequentially in a bus-like topology (Avantis <-> AR2412 <-> AB168 <-> AR84) or what other configurations are supported by the avantis firmware and the dSnake protocol?

    Thank you very much for clarification.

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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Mathias,

    In dSnake mode, the SLink port on Avantis (like the SLink port on SQ) will support up to two AR/AB devices in a chain, specifically:
    – An AR2412 or AB168 as the first device in the chain
    – An AB168 or AR84 as the second device in the chain

    This is a limitation of the dSnake protocol (which Avantis happens to support) rather than the mixer.

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    Hello Nicola,

    Am I understanding correctly that if I’m using an AR2412 as the first device, that I can only have one AR84 or an AB168? I couldn’t have 2 AR84 units after the AR2412 to get 40 inputs? Is it possible to connect 2 AR2412 units? One as device 1 and one as device 2 to get 48 inputs?



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    One AR2412 and one AB168 gives you 40 inputs and 20 outputs. That’s the most you can get on one dSnake link.

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