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    Sound Doctor

    I have a dilemma. Church has a SQ6 updated to latest firmware (1.5.2), usb b to Windows 10 PC with latest AISO driver (4.86). Prior to last week, (pre latest SQ6 firmware) the PC showed all 32 SQ channels in and out. Fired up pc this week and now only get 4 pairs of inputs from SQ6: 1&2,3&4,5&6,7&8. That’s it.
    Tried it at home with a Win 7 laptop & my own SQ6 (1.5.2), same thing. Cannot find an answer to this anywhere.
    Am considering going back to previous firmware version to see if that fixes this issue.
    Please advise if this has happened to you and/or how you corrected it.
    Thanks all

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    Tell us which application you do use. ASIO is not supported by all applications, especially those which are not DAWs. And only ASIO provides more than eight channels.

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    Dr. Rick

    I am using OBS for live-streaming, but even in the Windows Control Panel it was showing only the pairs of inputs from SQ. However, this morning I fired up my stepsons Windows 10 laptop, loaded the SQ AISO drivers, & setup AISO audio input source in OBS and low and behold, there were all 32 channels again! I do not currently have access to the church laptop, but will go in this week and double check for the latests A&H AISO driver and how they have audio setup in OBS.

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    Mike C

    OBS only picks off tracks 1 & 2, you will need to assign the needed mix output to tracks 1 & 2.

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    Sound Doctor

    Mike C: I am aware that OBS only accepts ch 1-2. Prior to SQ newest firmware update, I could assign any SQ ch from 1-32 via usb-B. After the firmware update, only SQ pairs 1-2, 2, 3-4, 5-6 & 7-8 appeared in Windows or OBS.
    I want to send audio via SQ chs 31-32 to OBS 1-2.

    After my first post here, I installed the AH AISO driver on my stepsons Win10 laptop and all 32 chs showed up. Yes!

    Today I am going to Augustana Lutheran (Portland) where this issue appeared last Sunday and reinstall the AISO plugin in their laptop and see if that fixes the issue. They are live-streaming their services on YouTube with their SQ and PTZOPTICS cameras.
    I had originally recc a QU for them, but when I bought my own SQ, I had them switch out for a SQ6. Much superior mixer.
    Dr Rick

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    Hello Dr. Rick.
    My English isn’t at its best, but I’ll get help from Google translator. I hope you will understand what I’m saying.

    I’ve had the same problem until now. I have been working for a long time without the benefits of A&H.
    I must admit that it is very frustrating. Also, not all updates are done together on A&H. So it’s a double frustration.

    I use Pro Tools as a DAW. In this Daw, especially the use of MidiControl is very important for us, in a Post Production Film Mix. So when the drivers change almost all the time, it becomes hell.

    What is needed is to do all the updates together.
    – Firmwares (1.5.2)
    – SQ USB audio driver (4.86.0)
    – Midi control (2.00)

    Then everything will work again.

    N.B: With SQ, it is not possible to have the 48KHz frequency. The console is calibrated 96Khz

    Thank you.

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