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    When I assign channels to a group (pink buttons on right side) it seems that I can only add level if the same channels are up in the Main LR and then raising the faders in the group add to the MainLR level. Sorry if this is a dumb question. And how do I assign the groups to the MainLR, and how do I pan? Are the groups mono? How do I make a group go to the left or right side of the MainLR? I am obviously not doing something correctly. Also a pretty vague thread but hopefully someone can figure out what I mean. 🙂


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    Alex A&H

    Hi Doug,

    The Groups use the same send for the main mix, so it is purely a routing change and not a new mix send. You therefore need to remove the channels from the LR mix when they are assigned to a group and then assign the group to the LR. This can all be done by having the LR mix selected and using the assign key.

    The pan for the input channels when LR is selected will be the same for the group and the pan for the group can be found by pressing the Sel key of the group, the pan encoder will then light up.

    To configure your group to be mono or stereo, go to Setup > Mixer Config > Mix Stereo.

    I hope this helps!


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    * Beaten to it by Alex! Nevermind 🙂

    To get a channel to go to a group, you need to assign it (turn it on for that group’s send). There are several ways of doing this – page 39 of the manual shows one of them.
    By much the same method, un-assign (turn it off) to the main L+R.

    Page 63 explains how to change mixes & groups between mono & stereo.

    Groups assign to L+R the same way as channels, and are panned/balanced in the same way as anything else.

    (Page numbers refer to this version of the manual – 1.4)

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    Yes! I feel a little stupid about not remembering to turn the mics off in the MainLR. Doh!

    Thanks for being patient, y’all.


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