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    Little help with SQ digital split problem please. Using SQ5 (2nd SLink option card installed) for monitors (16 local inputs and 16 DX168 inputs. Tielined all those inputs to SQ6 FOH, and tielined a talkback from FOH to monitor SQ5 [feeds all IEM mixes fine]. All good so far. Now my problem.

    I want to route SQ6 FOH L/R mains back into the SQ5 to feed its “designated” 11/12 output sockets [not the DX168 output sockets] in order to physically patch into the FOH powered speakers. I also use the same SQ5 scene to mix with a tablet for small venues. In those cases, I patch the SQ5 Output/Mixout Mains left & right to the local 11 & 12 sockets and the tablet controls FOH. Assumed when using the SQ6 for FOH, I would unpatch those sockets and then tieline? or Output/IP Direct Output? the SQ6 Mains L/R outputs back into the SQ5 through the same method. SQ6 mix sends Mains back to SQ5 through I/O gigaACE patching? However, while all other patching seems to be getting to where I want it, I’ve discovered no combination where I get my SQ6 FOH mains mix back into the SQ5 and it’s 11/12 output sockets. How do I patch the SQ6 & SQ5 to accomplish this. I’m 100% certain this problem is me not properly grasping the patching process. Promise to slap myself silly is someone could show me where MY malfunction lies, and lead me to the solution. Much appreciation.

    Cheers, Wyatt

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    write it down…? make a plan and label it…

    I don’t get what you trying to do exactly… the story with the tablet confuses me a bit 😉

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    Sorry for the confusion. The tablet only pertains because I’m using the same scene on the SQ5 for use with tablet, and when using the SQ6 for mixing FOH. You can ignore that otherwise. As I mentioned all the signals are going where I desire, EXCEPT, I’m not getting the SQ6 FOH mains L/R mix back into the SQ5 (monitor mixer). The main PA is physically patched out of the SQ5 11/12 output sockets. I’m trying to patch the SQ6 Mains L/R mix, back into the SQ5 11/12 output sockets. Hope that make more sense?

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    Andre S

    Hi YIT,

    If I understand you correctly, you want your outputs 11&12 of your SQ5 at the monitorposition to output your SQ6s LR mix. I´m not on my SQ at the moment, but it should be something like this:

    SQ 6 (FOH) -> I/O -> Outputs -> Mix Out and in the top row go to SLink and patch your main LR to any free SLINK out. Let´s say: 31&32.

    SQ5 (Monitor) -> I/O -> Tie Lines -> I/O port (the one the left side of the touch screen) and in the top row go to: Local. There are your 12 outputs of your SQ. Now you can patch I/O port 31&32 to 11&12.

    I had a similar case in April 2020 and made a video about it. Maybe there are some more tips, that help you further.
    Routing of 2 SQs, Stagebox and additional SLINK Card

    I hope, this helps.

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    Greetings Andre & SteffenR

    Not sure why, but my reply from a couple days ago didn’t post. While my setup is slightly different than your situation in the YouTube video Andre, you understood my problem perfectly, and your suggested patching fixed my issue. Thanks. Lot of brain rust for me since shows in Midwest USA all but shutdown since March with COVID, and now Winter has closed down outdoor venues as well. Hope all returns to something closer to normal for us all next year.

    Again, SetffenR, sorry for the confusing thread. Basically, I have a client I just started mixing all their FOH shows. I used a SQ5 on stage with a DX168 connected to handle all the inputs. For small venues I have to use a tablet connected to the SQ5 to mix, with MAINS patched directly to PA. On larger settings, I use a SQ6 out front to mix. In both cases, I use the “same” SQ5 scene, changing only patching like tie-lining inputs to SQ6, and a talkback and L/R Mains back to the SQ5 before the PA. That allows me to preserve all the EIM and wedge mix tweaks my client make with SQ4You apps over the course of multiple shows. On both SQ scenes I only save some graphic EQs, and a few other venue specific parameters in the user library to recall for playing same venue next time. So much easier and better mixing with an actual console, and having access to SQ6 addons, with better channel management. SQ5 aux and groups are pretty used up with 5 IEM and 2 wedge mixes. Interested in anyone’s opinions on a better way to manage this situation.

    Much appreciation,

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    Another approach would be to use a matrix for feeding the FOH System
    Route on the SQ5 the Main L/R to a stereo matrix (e.g. MTX1) and reassign the desired output sockets from Main LR to the matrix. Now you have a two stage output, main and the matrix.
    When you want to use the SQ6 you can configure it similar to the suggestion of Andre. But instead of repatching the output, use the return signal of the SQ6 as the Ext(ernal) In of MTX1.
    Now you can use always the same scene. When you use the SQ6, simply mute the Main LR on the SQ5. Thats it. If the SQ6 is not present, unmute the Main LR on the SQ5 to do the FOH mix local.

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