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    Hello there!

    I was hoping I might be able to get some advice on setting up an SQ6 for some live stream events I’ve got coming up.

    Inputs will be all coming from an analogue stage box.

    Coming up with the most efficient way of both monitoring and assigning outputs is where I’m not entirely sure where to go.

    The live mix from the desk will need to be sent to a pair of studio monitors, headphones, a video mixer and another computer.

    At the moment my plan for the output channels is:

    1) Stage monitor 1 (Mix 1)
    2) Stage Monitor 2 (Mix 2)
    3) Stage Monitor 3 (Mix 3)
    4) Stage Monitor 4 (Mix 4)
    5/6) IEM 1 (Mix 5/6)
    7/8) IEM 2 (Mix 7/8)
    9/10) Active studio monitors
    11/12) PA L/R
    13/14) Computer
    A/B) Video Mixer

    I will be recording multi-track to USB as well so I have the option to mix post session which is likely going to be needed.

    Ideally I want the L/R mix from the desk to split off to outputs 9/10 for active monitors, 11/12 for the PA, 13 / 14 for the computer and A / B for the video mixer.

    My thinking:

    L/R  Matrix 1 (Pre- Master Fade) 13/14 Computer
    L/R Matrix 2 (Pre-Maaster Fade)  A/B Video Mixer

    The idea is that these two will take my live mix. I’ll just monitor the matrix send levels from the desk.

    The next step is where I’m not sure what the best cause of action is.

    I’ll also be using headphones, because the venue is fairly small this will be my main listening / mixing point. The environment is far from ideal for doing a live stream audio mix with loud bands. The active monitors are there for my listening but as soon as the acts start playing they are basically useless. Performers are stood about 5-10 feet away from the desk and there is no isolation. Even with my headphones on I struggle. For this reason the more efficient I have my routing and workflow the less faffing around and more I can focus on mixing.

    So to the questions:

    1) What would folks recommend in terms of monitoring? Ideally I want my headphone gain pot to work independently from the main L/R faders. Is it possible to set this up? I basically want the headphones gain to behave like a separately main L/R fader for my own monitoring.

    2) While the active monitors are useless when the acts are performing, it would still be nice to have them working and also taking a L/R pre-master fade mix like the headphones but one that also has a separate control. I don’t want to have them on mix 9/10 and have to create another mix.

    3) I’ve not used the multi-track recording much on the SQ6. As it’s tracking the input signals only for each channel with no processing is it possible to play back the multi-track back into the channels? Almost as if I’m playing back a recording in the studio. It would be incredibly useful if I could mixes playing back the audio when the acts aren’t playing, even more useful if it took the processing from the channels.

    Despite the environment been far from ideal I’d like to be able to mix the live streams on the day rather than having to take them back and mix them post so if anybody has any suggestions I’d be very grateful!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mike C

    I’m guessing there is no live in person audience at this event.

    Is is possible to move the mixer to any other location in the building
    other than trying to mix 10 feet away from a loud stage?

    Also you may want to hint to the band that a loud stage with loud stage monitors
    bleeding into all the mic will make it harder to get a good mix for the videos.

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    At this stage I don’t think there are many other options on the table. That may change in the future but for now I’m going to have to work with what I have.

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    The sessions will be treat as a live performance so a high production studio mix isn’t expected or the objective. Mixing is most likely going to happen after the sessions as it’s virtually impossible to do this in real time with no accurate way to listen to what I’m doing once the bands are playing.

    I just want to get the most efficient routing and workflow I can. If it is possible to playback the multi-track recording back into the desk channels and create a mix between takes that would be a good start.

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    Mike C
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