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    I have it all hooked up, I appear to have sync, I have Yahama’s Remote software running on my laptop to control the head amps within the TIO 1608 and this is connected to the secordary port of the Dante card in the SQ5, and is being seen by the laptop.
    With me so far?

    I have control on the head amp from the seconary ports on the SQ5, or the TIO’s own seconary port. Good so far.
    What I don’t have is any audio in the SQ5. Not so good.

    I’ve plugged a mic into channel 2 of the TIO, the signal present LED is lighting.
    I’ve gone to the I/O screen, selected Inputs, and I/O port (Dante is shown, and the I/O icon is present on the top right of the screen).
    I’ve selected Ip2, and patch it to 2, which seemed to make sense.

    Not getting a thing..


    Has anyone cracked this, and can they show me the errors of my ways?

    Thanks in advance,
    Paul Preston
    (the Sonic Energy Authority)

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    Have you patched the channels in dante controller? With dante you have to patch the channels in dante controller and also in the mixer.

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    Who is Dante Master?
    Card or Stagebox?

    Is the Dantecard switched to 48kHz?

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    I went on YouTube looking for answers, and Dante Controller did come to light, It’s on my list of “things to try”.
    If I get any joy, I will obviously let everyone know.

    Thank you for your suggestion, and for taking time to answer. It might be the droids I’m looking for..

    Pp (S.E.A)

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    Dante master is the SQ5 I/O card & set to 48KHz as this is the TIO1608’s max sample frequency.
    Thanks for the reply.

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    Søren Steinmetz

    As mentioned, you miss the Dante patch in the Dante Controller.

    A small analog compare I have used to explain Dante to a few people comming from the analog world:
    Mic in the TiO = mic connected to the stagebox.
    TiO connected to the Dante network = stagebox connected to the multisnake.
    Dante Controller = the patchfield/patchbay next to the console. <- this is what you are missing, as there is no default 1-1 patch in the network)
    I/O patch in the console = the internal patchfield/ I/O sockets in the console it self.

    Not sure how well it translates to english as I usually use it in a Danish version 😉

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    I went on YouTube looking for answers, and Dante Controller did come to light, It’s on my list of “things to try”.

    nothing to “try”
    this is a must…

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    Glad to report that I now have audio, and it was all down to the Dante controller. All patched in now, and they are now happily sending and receiving audio.
    I’ve actually got two TIO boxes, but the other is in an amp rack. I will hopefully be able to add that too giving me 32 input channels. Which will be nice…

    I’ve set the TIO to ‘resume mode’ which keeps the settings intact, so it would appear I can set routings, and set gains and it will remember them. Which is also nice..

    I may not have 96KHz, but at least I can get some more mileage out of the money I spent on the TIO’s.

    It was pretty much plug and play when I plugged the TIO’s in the Yamaha TF3. I did buy the Dante card for the SQ5 in the hope that I would be able to use the old stage boxes. It now looks as if I can.

    Many thanks to all individuals who took the time to bail me out. Your efforts were not in vain. I am up and running.

    Paul Preston
    (the Sonic Energy Authority)

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