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    The ability to save/load presets within the SQ4U app. This way rotating singers/musicians can save/load their AUX settings with one action.

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    This would be useful to build templates for whoever. Guitar focused, singer focused, drummer focused. Our venue went from X32 to SQ6. When people came in with in-ears, I’d just hand out tablets running Mixing Station. SQ can only handle 2 instances before the network stack hits buffer overruns, so I can’t do that any more. Considering SQ4You on a bunch of iPhones, but setting up each player with the groups they need one at a time is a drag.

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    Just to be clear, the data to be saved within SQ4U is all the parameters of the respective aux (fader location, pan, AUX master channel strip settings…) WITHOUT the aux channel number. Please…
    This together with 24 x mono auxes would make the board unbeatable…

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    +1 (or the max number I can + this)

    Since the groups channel assignments are already saved to the user’s device, it (maybe naively) seems like it should be reasonably simple to add a Save/Load button pair that do something like:

    read each app-modifiable property of each channel (pan, slider position, etc)
    store properties to local JSON

    read local JSON
    restore UI to match properties
    for each channel, call API to set corresponding channel to value

    For Aux mix protection, additionally could create a two-prompt step to select the Aux (onLoadPressed) to make sure that a user doesn’t just blindly restore their settings to someone else’s Aux, then a confirmation: “Really restore your settings to Aux 3?”


    Load–>Select Aux UI–>Confirm UI–>Execute–>Done

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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