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    I am an AV system intergrator and wanted to know about some possible functionallity of DX Hub and SQ SLink that isn’t shown on the SLinkConnections doc.

    If I were to patch the SLink port of a SQ into one of the DX ports (specifially not the gigaACE port) of a DX Hub will I still be able to patch to other DX expander devices?

    I ask this as there will be 2 points where the SQ desk could be operated from but will only be using DX ports to connect to the expanders.
    This would remove the need to patch the gigaACE port between the two positions each time the desk is moved.
    The total IO of the expanders as wont exceed 32/32 so can it still operate purely over DX through the hub?

    Desk – SQ-5
    DX HUB
    Port 1 – 2x DX164W (cascade mode on 1)
    Port 2 – DX012
    Port 3 – SQ-5 Position 1
    Port 4 – SQ-5 Position 2

    Thanks in advance.

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    KeithJ A&H


    As in the SLink connections document
    “The DX Hub features 1x gigaACE port for connection to the mixer, along with 4x DX ports for connection to DX expanders”

    This is because the DX protocol is for digital expansion only, whilst the gigaACE/GX protocol can connect to the GX expander, the DX hub or be used for system to system connections.

    A&H protocols are layer 2, meaning they are not addressed on the ‘network’, so the DX hub is not like a networking hub or switch where multiple devices can all connect and see each other, instead it’s more of a translator between 1x gigaACE/GX and 4x DX ports.

    In short, no, this is not possible in the way you suggest.

    However! Although the officially supported configuration would be point to point only – you may be able to find a standard gigabit ethernet switch to put between the 2 SQ positions and the DX hub.
    As long as there are only two gigaACE/GX connections to it at any one time and it follows the other guidance in this article (https://support.allen-heath.com/hc/en-gb/articles/4403553378449-Audio-Networking-gigaACE-and-DX-networking-VLANs-and-fibre-optics) this could be a good solution.


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    This doesn’t work.
    One console has to handle the patching of all I/O to the other one. (Tie Lines)
    You need a second SLink card for the digital split, but you can put the SLink on a GBit switch and use the different endpoints patched to the venue.
    But only with one connection at a time.

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