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    I’m considering an SQ, but the 3-connection limitation on the SQ MixPad app is a little concerning. I’d like to understand the behavior a little more around these areas:

    1. Does a desktop computer hardwired to the network with SQ MixPad count against the 3 connections allowed to the SQ? Or only mobile devices like iPads count toward the quota?
    2. If I have 3 active connections already, and someone attempts to add a fourth, what happens? Is the fourth outright denied a connection? Or do they somehow have the option to boot someone else out?
    3. If our AV team members have, say, 5 different iPads and want to connect at different times, how easily can they share the 3-connection limit? Does it take a while after someone shuts off their iPad for their connection to become available to someone else? Or does the app try to retain connection as long as they’re in WiFi range even if they’ve turned off the iPad screen or are using a different app for a while? If someone leaves the building/WiFi network, is their connection presumably released right away?

    I’m especially curious to hear practical experiences with #3 above, as I’m guessing the behavior may depend on various things like iOS sleep settings, etc.

    Also, I DO know about alternative solutions, like Mixing Station and the SQ4You app for a specific aux. We might utilize these where it makes sense, but I’d still like to make full use of SQ MixPad since it’s feature-rich.

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    I’m sure somebody has figured a workaround. My experience is that it doesn’t matter what software you’re using (MixPad, Mixing Station), 3 machines is it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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