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    I know the GLD via the AR-2412 can direct interface to A-Net and the Aviom mixers, will that be the same with the SQ?

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    Nicola A&H

    There is no plan to support Aviom at present, but SQ can link directly to our ME personal mixing system, including the new ME-500. Worth checking out if you are not familiar with it.

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    Oh I like the ME system, but when you have an embedded base of Aviom gear, that saves $399 per mixer and $1599 per hub… sometimes dollars matter when they are not someone elses dollars 🙂

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    Hi Community,
    what´s up now, maybe there is a way to connect Aviom Mixers to our SQ ?


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    SandersonG, just try itMy GUESS is that the Aviom connection is a feature of the AR2412. In that case it would work. Unless the AR2412 signals the Qu/SQ that it’s not an ME system but an Aviom system connected.

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    Jens-Drossler with the AR2412 the Aviom will not work on SQ. Only thru the GLD Mixer with the AR2412 you will have connection to the Aviom System. So which is the Solution for our SQ to work ? Somebody knows….??

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    There isn’t. Also GLD is EOL. Probably can still find one somewhere. Most folks with Aviom are just ditching them since they aren’t practical with digital consoles. Sorry.

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    Maybe not practical, but can’t you use the Dante card and connect to Aviom system via Dante from the SQ?

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    Hello Allen&Heath Team…..Keith, Alex ???

    can you give us please a meaningful answer to the topic?



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    KeithJ A&H


    There are still no plans for us to support Aviom directly on SQ – and since Nicola’s post, we have had very few requests to do so.
    However, as JTRJAMMER points out, using Dante you can now connect to one of the Dante enabled distribution units.


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    yes you can though I have yet to try it since I cannot yet get an SQ6 dante card… I plan on trying this using the Aviom D800 Dante hub box to connect to aviom PM boxes… this way I can stay with native 96K rate that I need to connect with my other dante net stuff at 96k that is also going to mixer (like rednet and power amp stuff) I use onboard slink for 96K with dx168 stage now. Using Aviom D800 with Dante is pricey but it allows me to run the PM on stage systems at 96K to the D800 and then internally the D800 does down sampling to the individual boxes. I also love that the D800 can also use dante to grab the musicians custom mix back from all the stage PM boxes – so that I can mount all my in ear radio trannies in a rack at side of stage and feed those dante net mixes into them – it makes for much less cables and clutter on stage. I have seen this done with dante before with roland MC setups… those roland wer $15K and done even do as much as this less than $4k SQ series!

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    I like the responses from Allen and Heath on this

    “There are still no plans for us to support Aviom directly on SQ – and since Nicola’s post, we have had very few requests to do so.”

    There’s a reason that you’ve gotten very few requests, since most people don’t have a $100,000 budget to replace all their gear, they’re avoiding your products. I know of several places that have had to pass over your products because of this line of thinking. Its an obvious push to get people to buy more of your products.

    I’ve been looking into buying a new mixer and the SQ7 is almost perfect for me, but its not compatible with my gear.

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    Please. They aren’t supporting Aviom because no one uses them anymore. The few that still have them either upgrade to the respective manufacture’s system, or to something else that’s better.

    You can easily use the Aviom system with any of A&H’s products via the Dante bridge or the analog input. Easy.

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    Hello lightingman117,
    where did you get your information that nobody uses Aviom anymore? Maybe in your circle. Generally speaking for all user, i would not do that in your place. The Aviom system continues to be used interationally by many musicians and is always on the RIDER. So a consideration and support outside the Dante network of a manufacturer would certainly be positive. 😉

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    I have a couple of “new” GLD I would like to move on

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