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    Hey folks!

    I’ve run in to a situation where I need a post-fade sub mix on a Stereo Aux to be the output source to a set of speakers in an asymmetrical room. The speakers are hung from the ceiling and one needs to be slightly in front of the other due to the room shape. It looks like you can only delay the aux itself, but not L/R independently unless I’ve missed something there? I would just send this through a pair of mono matrices and call it good, but I’m absolutely tapped for mixes. It would be super useful to be able to independently delay L and R in a ST aux channel, for exactly this type of situation.

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    disagree here… another point of failure…

    to use two mono matrices should be the solution…

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    Hmm, a mono matrix will not reflect the stereo image. Ok we can discuss jow the pros and cons of stereo in live situations, but at the end it is as it is, a mono matrix is not suitable when you want to run such stuff in stereo.


    @ Steffen – yes, another potential failure point for an unskilled user, or someone not paying attention. It could be made an optional feature by way of setup button to avoid that issue. IE, you’d have to be really intentional about turning it on in the first place.

    @ MFK – dual mono matrices would still reflect the stereo image if L and R are patched directly in to them as opposed to summing each side via send.

    It’s a waste of limited buss resources though, so I would still argue adding the option for split delays @ ST auxes would be incredibly useful for a limited number of scenarios.

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    Agreed, I wanted to do this on the SQ platform awhile back.

    The Yamaha per output socket delay menu is nice for this kind of granular control. Also pushing the encoders down to allow for individual control worked well on the M7 platforms.

    Something similar for dLive/SQ would be nice.

    Workflow process would be delay both L/R with same knob > (toggle button) control now delays L > (toggle button) control now delays R > (toggle button) > back to both L/R control.

    Very useful.

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