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    Just wondering what you guys are doing with your soft rotaries. My SQ5 doesn’t have them, and my new SQ7 is en route, so I’m just exploring options. I’m thinking I might want the top row to be wedge mixes 1 thru 4, and the bottom row to be effect sends 1 thru 4, but I probably won’t really know until I get the desk out on a show.

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    On my SQ6, I have plate reverb time, hall reverb time, delay time, and delay regen amount.

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    (disclaimer: We are new to the console, so i don’t know, how long this idea will last)

    We are using the rotaries for some inputs/signals that doesn’t need processing: ST1, ST2, ST3, USB. (Control Type ‘Main Level Fader’)

    * ST1 -> from our projection PC (routed to L/R)
    * ST2 -> from our external streaming sound processor (Only for PAFL; Button switches PAFL )
    * ST3 -> from any connectect iPhone et. al.
    * USB -> from our streaming & multitracking PC

    What’s a little bit odd: You can define the key under the rotary as ‘Unassigned’, ‘Mute’ or ‘PAFL’ but NOT ‘Sel’ – So IF you want to see the processing you still have to browse through your layers…
    It would be a nice addition.

    (also it’s unfortunate, that you can’t show the processing of a channel that’s not in your active layer)

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    Yep, just like Mr. NotTooLoud, I have reverb times of reverbs 1 to 4 on soft rotaries.

    The little readout by the rotary shows me the reverb time while I’m adjusting it.
    And, if I don’t save the new setting, the old setting stays with the scene, so it foes back to my defaults.

    I would love to have predelay settings for those reverbs on other rotaries, but I don’t think that is possible.
    If anyone knows different, let me know.

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    I love the soft rotaries on the SQ6 and often wish they’d put at least one or two on the SQ5. Fortunately, I’m saved from too much temptation to upgrade my SQ5 by the fact that two of the shops I do a lot of work in have an SQ6 in house! 🙂 I will say, I do wish we could map and edit the soft rotaries in MixPad, so I didn’t have to finish that piece of mapping when I got into the theatre every time…

    For me, the rotaries are usually a “knob for something I don’t need a fader for” control. In the last theatre show I did, I had the rotaries set to:

    • Output level & mute for an FX return I only needed in one scene;
    • Subwoofer level (mostly stayed fixed during the show but for a couple spots I wanted to be able to add oomph under the music);
    • Pre-show music volume level & mute (makes it easy to bring right back up at intermission or post-show without burning a fader slot);
    • Send level of the voice channel in the wide L-R speakers (most of the dialogue winds up in the center speakers, but it’s nice to be able to broaden/narrow that to taste).

    The last concert I did, they served somewhat similar “don’t burn a fader for this”-type purposes:

    • Pre-show music levels;
    • Cross-monitor send levels (more of his guitar in her wedge, more of her voice in his wedge) for fast tweaks (I should really get used to using the right-hand mix level layers, though…).

    As I get braver with using plugins (I’ll afford a Dante card one of these years), that’s likely something else I’ll map to those, or else figure a way to work those in as emergency “whoops plugins are gone turn up the raw channel for now” knobs!

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