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    I am sure that the requests to add more parameters and options to actions (Such as relative changes) will flood in as users conceptualise what they may do with them.

    However, one of the greatest limitations of the system is that there are currently only two ways to recall an action – navigate to surface > Control > Actions and press recall or assign the action to a soft key.

    I would suggest that adding an option to recall an action, or multiple actions, with a scene recall would be a great place to start.

    Ultimately, actions become a more efficient way of completing specific tasks that would otherwise be more convoluted when using scenes, scene filtering, and global safes.

    Therefore adding the option to ’embed’ action recalls with scenes would also allow actions to nicely complement the scene system.

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    Hi Ana! So the thing about actions is they’re stored in the Show memory, not the Scene memory (according to the Firmware Reference Guide). As such, they can’t be recalled by scenes (at least, not without some rework from the engineering team). Is there a specific scenario you have in mind for recalling an action via a scene recall? Like recalling actions as you progress through a cue list?

    I actually think the inverse might be handy. That is, recalling a scene with an action.

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    +1 for the ability to incorporate scene recalls in Actions

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    100% yes to all of this. Actions are seemingly limited (compared to Digico / Avid). Adding the ability to combine specific actions along with scene recalls would be rad.. IE toggling between 2 different scene states via an action without interrupting the cue list.. that would be super cool.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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