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    Hey all!

    I’m looking for a way to fire scenes on an SQ5 by recalling scenes on a Dlive. I guess this will be possible through midi commands. But how? Any ideas? Could this be done without a laptop in between the two mixers?

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    (Assuming embedded recall from the dLive cannot target an SQ5, which I thought might be possible but a quick search didn’t find any documentation that addresses that one way or the other)

    The dLive MIDI connection is set up where the dLive is the TCP server. Assuming the SQ is also like that, then you need a device that acts as a client for both. And then some sort of app for routing the MIDI from one virtual MIDI port to the other. That device wouldn’t absolutely have to be a laptop – the TCP MIDI connection is just a plain vanilla TCP connection with MIDI data on it (although with encryption and/or authentication it becomes a little more complicated). I think something like a Raspberry Pi could do the job. But, a laptop would be the most standard way to do it.

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    It should be possible to send MIDI commands from dlive to the SQ without any device between the two. Just a network connection is needed.

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    Nicola A&H

    Steffen, that’s not correct. MIDI commands are local to the mixer where they are generated and only sent/received through a specific MIDI/TCP port (or MIDI/USB). They are not broadcast to other IP addresses on the network.

    AHM is an exception to this, as it can indeed send TCP/UDP strings to another IP address.

    msteel is correct that Embedded Recalls only works between dLive, Avantis, and AHM.

    A MIDI router / interface such as the BomeBox can route MIDI commands from the dLive TCP port to an SQ and vice-versa, effectively acting as a bridge with little or no configuration needed.

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    Ok, good to know.

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