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    Hi — I’m trying to get a new ZEDiFX-10 working with an iPad Pro 3rd Gen (M1 chip).

    Getting sound into the iPad works beautifully for all four channels.

    I have set output in AUM to channels 3-4 of the ZEDi, and AUM shows signal passing. But no sound is heard when I turn up ST3 to Mix. In AUM, I can even pass sound from the ZEDi through the iPad’s internal speakers, so the interface D/A is working great.

    In an attempt to get sound out from the iPad through the ZEDi, I have tried:

    – Cycling power on mixer
    – with a powered usb hub
    – directly into the iPad using only a standard USB-A to USB-C adapter
    – flipping direction on the USB-C adapter
    – different apps on the iPad (such as Logic Pro)
    – toggling every possible related switch on the mixer, and many unrelated

    I was able to get the ZEDi output 3/4 working from my Mac, but even that was a bit finicky and required me to power cycle the mixer before it worked.

    Here’s a brief video showing the setup. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Finally figured this out thanks to the last post here.

    Most interfaces when connected to the iPad disable the system volume. When the ZEDi is connected to the iPad, the iPad’s system volume (in control center) matters for what is sent out of all outputs, including 3+4.

    I turned the iPad’s system volume all the way up and things worked as expected.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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