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    Is there any way to configure the SQ to a simple operation mode, where the layer functionality is essentially locked out?

    The reason I ask is we are considering th SQ for a house of worship application. We have some very competent sound techs for our more contemporary services. We also have some more nervous operators who deal with the simpler events. I am worried that some of the these may be intimidated by the desk, and may get confused by the multiple layers and the fact the faders dont always do the same thing. Is there any way to lock out the functionality, to essential allow the operators to have what seems to them to be a simple analogue desk with 16 faders?

    I’m also interested to know what the minimum number of keypresses needed to return the desk to a saved state is? Can that be mapped to any of the soft keys (needing a long press) for example.

    if not can I put in for a feature request?

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    I would second that. I really need an simple mode which is customisable. I have an assistant which also does my simpler shows and he is old school (as in controlling volumes and nothing else)

    I have setup 1 layer thats just for him with a simpler surface, just important inputs and a DCA for all outputs and another DCA for all FX.

    Thats all fine until he hits the aux mixes by accident and is now controlling what looks like his mix but it isn’t going anywhere. Maybe the answer is just disabling Layer and Mix selection in the utilities. That would be excellent!

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    Granular user control is stated in the manual and at product launch. This has yet to be implemented. I’d say it isn’t high priority so expect late this year after the SQ-You app.

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    When I teach digital consoles the very first thing I emphasis is always knowing where you are. What you’re looking at. The blue leds on the right side are your road map. Always make sure you’re on LR if not adjusting another mix. If a mix is hit again it will cycle back to LR. If someone can not grasp that concept in short order they have no business running sound in my opinion.

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    This is would be in an install where there are people that want to run an event, not run sound. I need to make it as easy as possible for them, while keeping the power for when we need it.

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    In order for me (and other users) to learn the SQ6 at our church I set up a Layer that looked just like the Old Board we used previously. (mine happens to be E).

    Next to The E activation button – I put a White with Black lettering label which says “Service Layer” with an arrow pointing to E.

    I also added a similar label to Point to the “L/R”(mains Output)

    I would suggest you maybe create a Simple layer – with Pulpit/Lecturn/wireless mic’s/ etc. Basically the minimum you would need to run their event.

    As far as Quick Access to a set up – Scenes are your best bet – Set up a Basic Scene for general use which they can recall or you can recall. (Set it up as #1 on the list). Now that said, you as the experienced sound tech needs to save your current settings in a Scene so you can get back to where you left it.

    I do not know of any way to Lock out Layers.
    The one button softkey may be able to recall a Scene – but I’m not 100% sure.

    Hope that helps.

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