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    When changing scenes, the scene number flashes for a few seconds in a vacant strip along the top of the screen, then disappears. Why not leave current scene information posted in this largely unused strip of screen real-estate? This would be *extremely useful* not only during theatrical productions where more than a hundred scenes might be in use, but also during rehearsals for complex shows when many scene skips and go-backs might occur. In the heat of a production with many things happening, this tiny bit of “sanity check” that the right scene has been recalled is invaluable. And yes, the scene dialog can be left up but then it obscures useful “real time” information about what’s on the right-hand screen.

    Equally useful in a venue with a huge variety of shows changing nearly every day would be a permanent indication of which show is currently loaded. Perhaps this string could go on the upper blank strip on the left screen while scene info goes on the right. In each case, append the string with a “*” when a change has been made.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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