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    Hey all,
    First time here.
    I have a question about sharing i/o:

    My FOH console is a C1500, MON is using an SQ5. FOH is connected to GigAce on the rack, MON is connected via the GigAce card in slot 1 on the rack to the SLink port on the desk.

    Our i/o is a DM32 with a DX168 expander on DX port 1.
    My FOH console can see all the inputs, but our monitor desk can only see signal from the 32 in the DM32.
    Can we use this configuration for mons to see all the inputs? Or do we need a gigace card for our mon desk?
    I tried to get a DM48 but our production supplier is sold out.



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    KeithJ A&H


    You are able to share up to 128×128 channels between the DM mixrack and SQ in this setup and those can be whatever you wish!

    We’d generally recommend using tie-lines for this as you’ll then have completely separate processing on the dLive and SQ systems (with preamps being controlled from dLive).
    So on the dLive you’d just need to set:
    Tie lines from local/mixrack inputs 1-32 to GigaACE card in slot 1 (1-32)
    Tie lines from DX port 1 inputs 1-16 to GigaACE card in slot 1 (33-48)
    And on the SQ set:
    Audio Sync to SLink port – so the SQ is clocked to the dLive
    Inputs sourced from SLink port 1-48

    You can get monitors from the SQ back out to the mixrack or DX168 using the same process but in the other direction:
    SQ mix out -> SLink port -> dLive GigaACE card -> dLive Tie Lines -> Local or DX port output sockets

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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