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    Going to start right in with sth that I am sure is very simple but I am also sure many people do and I can’t seem to figure out.

    I want to make it so the LR mix (or another mix) outputs out CH1-2 so essentially the master mix of the mixer becomes the input for Zoom. Can anyone think of a way that can be done? I have tried assigning CH1-2 to LR/L and LR/R respectively but it doesn’t seem to do the trick. Is this even possible or do I need an intermediary software to make that happen. Seems like it should be relatively straight forward but perhaps it is not.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We just send the livestream mix out mix78 and dont have to hassle with usb at all.

    Is your problem a limitation in the pc software for zoom, or is it truly a Qu problem?

    Do you really want the master LR out going to zoom or do you want to give zoom a better mix without your room acoustics affecting the mix adjustments?

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    PC or MAC? wich desk? wich driver?

    standard USB sends for Left/Right are 17/18
    set this as standard audio device and Zoom should use this instead

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    Mike C

    I have done it.
    First did you go to the IO set up and under the USB tab select L & R on tracks 1 & 2?

    Have you confirmed that your software is picking off tracks/channels 1 & 2 from the
    USB B multitrack out?

    I my case a couple times I was connected to a computer that was running OBS and OBS was seeing tracks/channels 1 & 2 and I set them to the L R main mix.
    Those were a live stream only event, no house PA to speak of.

    Another time I was setting up a system and in that case I set up a separate mix to feed their live stream so some mix balance adjustments could be made.
    I that case I’m not sure of the software they running but it also picked off tracks 1 & 2 and worked fine.

    Are you also mixing for a live PA or is this for a ZOOM event only?

    For testing use the mixers tone generator, if a live PA is involved you may want to turn off the system when testing or set up a separate mix.

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