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    I would like to control my Blackmagic Design videohub from the scheduler in the AHM. BMD implemented telnet for this purpose with fairly simple commands. I know, telnet is insecure and better stuff is out there. I didn’t design the product. As far as I know, MIDI and MIDIoIP are not an option to control the BMD VideoHub.

    Is there a way to, on a schedule, fire a pre-written telnet command to the BMD router from the AHM? I will be using the same event inside the AHM to switch inputs on some zone(s) at the same time.

    What I am trying to accomplish is switching what is fed to a TV (from the BMD VideoHub) and what is fed to speakers (from the AHM zone) at the same moment on a predictable schedule.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Telnet is exclusive to the command line / terminal, so unfortunately AHM doesn’t have the ability to communicate that way. You can send TCP/UDP/IP strings or the more generic “external control” to all hosts on the local network, and we can automate it with embedded recall of the presets to send out multiple commands to multiple places.. just not via telnet, unfortunately.

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    I actually want to amend my previous comment — telnet might be possible, if they’re direct commands. Do you have the BMD control documentation?

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    Yes you can control a Videohub from AHM, I have your exact scenario working with our Videohub. It’s not Telnet but a TCP command.

    Within External/IP Control, select IP Control and String. The string might look like this:

    21 8
    34 3
    39 3

    Note there are TWO carriage returns / blank lines at the end – the BMD docs state you need one but on the AHM it won’t work unless you have two for some reason.

    Set mode to TCP, put in the Videohub’s IP address and port 9990.

    Hope this helps.

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