• I believe scenes are stored in the mixrack. I can log in using Director from any number of PCs on our network and they all show the same scenes. Surface layout is a different matter though and remains independent of any connected surfaces or other instances of Director.

  • I have run into what sounds like a very similar problem. Programming scenes into a surfaceless CDM32 using Director running the latest 1.72 firmware. Each scene had recall filters and crossfade times set. Each time I would store a few scenes and then go back and review what I’d done, the earlier stored scenes would be either the content from…[Read more]

  • For security reasons at our venue, we have two networks and two network adapters in our installed FOH PC, one of which is connected to the AV network and the mixrack for using Editor. However, when starting Editor it always defaults to the network adapter that ISN’T connected to the mixrack. Can there please be an option to select the network…[Read more]

  • Hi,

    We have a PC at our mix position which has two network cards. One connects to our admin network for access to internet and admin type things, and the other connects to our AV network which has all our AV equipment on a physically separate network and different IP range with no internet access.

    I’m trying to get Editor to connect to the…[Read more]

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