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    I have a QU question for you good folks which I hope you wouldn’t mind helping me with.
    I have never used my scenes for anything other than band and venue snapshots other than using the ‘safe’ on the iPod channel to keep music rolling through band changes but that is about it.
    I now have a situation where I need to make some FX changes quickly between songs and I need scenes to accomplish this.
    However, when I recall the next scene, my FX levels on channels do not change with the scene and I need them to adjust to what is saved in the scene.

    I found this thread from 2015 but I still couldn’t quite understand how to accomplish this from the suggestions made.

    Scene recall issues

    I am missing something I know.

    Here is an example of my set up:
    (FX1 and FX2 are not involved in this scenario…..)

    I have FX3 routed to mix 1 and FX4 routed to mix 2 and those are the two FX I want to be able to access quickly.

    Eg. song 1 …….I set the channel faders appropriate to which instrument or vocal is required on a particular effect on either mix1 or mix2
    Then I hit ‘safe’ on everything but FX3, FX4, MIX1 and MIX2…
    I save the scene.

    Song 2…….I do the same thing and save the scene – but when I go back to the first song which I just saved, the channel faders on mix1 and mix2 do not move.They remain at the position of the last scene.

    I thought making everything else ‘safe’ apart from FX3, FX4, Mix 1 and Mix 2 would do the trick but it does not..

    Which piece of the puzzle am I missing ?

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    I guess scene filters are not detailed enough to accomplish what you intend. If you safe all inputs, then this does include all sends from that input to your mixes/fx, that’s why you do not see any changes.
    That’s sort of different viewpoint, I think. The “send to mix/fx” are associated with the source (channel), what you need would be “receives from channel” which are associated with the target (and hence could be safed/enabled per mix/fx). Maybe that’s worth a feature request.

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    Thanks Andreas …. yes – the more time I spent on this, the more I realized it probably can’t be done. I even had a conference with Mr. Dick Rees and had him wracking his brains too. He suggested maybe experimenting with groups to accomplish what I need which I will try once my brain stops going round and round today – LOL…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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