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    I’m currently running a show with one band, but multiple musicians taking the role of lead and BG vox at different times. I am trying to create a couple of scenes to switch between each with different Efx send levels. I have safe’d all the channels on the mixer except for the ‘Efx Send’ section under the ‘scene safe’ tab. I first tried to ‘safe’ certain attributes of the Efx channels, and then only left the ‘level’ and ‘routing’ tabs unsafed. that did not work, so I tried to leave the whole section for efx sends unsafed, but that also did not work. The problem I was having was that after saving a scene, then making some changes, and then recalling the scene, the changes I’d made to the Efx sends did not change back.

    I’m running GLD-80 with AR2412 firmware V1.42.

    Hopefully I’m just going about this from the wrong section and it’ll be an easy fix.

    Thanks in advance for any info and advice!

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    Dave Perry

    Hi Nik,

    This has stumped me before. i believe What you need to do is make sure the input channel routing is recallable and not blocked. It is the input channels routing that decides the amount of signal to send to an FX unit. The FX unit routing and level dictate where the FX signal is set after i.e. to the FOH mix. If all you want to recall is the amount of signal set to an FX unit from a given channel then block everything in the recall filters for that given scene and then unblock the routing. Give that a go and let me know if it works. Keep in mind that this also effects other routing for the channel such as monitor aux sends and group assignments.

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    In the “scene safes” section, the “FX” section deals with the actual settings on the FX unit: whether it’s a reverb or a delay, its pre-delay, decay time, HF rolloff etc.

    The “FX send” section deals with the FX send master and its associated level and mute settings.

    The “FX return” section deals with the stereo returns from the FX processors: their peqs, levels, mute status etc.

    The send levels for individual input channels feeding buses (ie how much of your lead vocal channel is being sent to the fx send bus, which feeds the FX processor) are attributes of the individual input channels, not attributes of the buses (be they auxes, subgroups or FX sends) you’re feeding. As such, as Dave said, the input channels (or at least the “routing” parameter of the relevant input channels, which includes the routing assignments, send levels and pan to buses (different to LR pan) need to be recallable: NOT safed.)

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    Hmmm…I had a similar problem in the last few days with.

    Mixing for a small festival. 4 bands a day.

    I made a festival setup with everything patched and saved that scene as starting point for each band.

    In the scene safe menue I saved the main l/r and mono bus, talk back, smaart channel…
    And I saved the aux-busses for the monitoring, so that GEQ and stuff stay at the latest setting (so that refinements are not reset to the start scene).

    In the aux-safe list I un-ticked the “levels” field, so that the levels sent to the monitors are saved and recalled as intended for each band.(what parameters are exactly safed under levels…I have no idea as the manual is…really really really bad)

    But: After Soundcheck for each band, when I recalled the starting scene the levels from the channels to the auxes were not changed back to the starting scene!

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    The “level” button in the aux (mix) safe refers to the aux’s own master level, not the level of the channels feeding said aux. The channel sending to the aux is part of the input channel’s attributes (specifically the “routing” button.) This is what you need to ensure is un-safed to ensure levels get recalled properly.

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    That was what was the Problem!
    I had nothing safed on any of those channels!

    Using the actual firmware
    (1.5 i believe)

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