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    – if you have a channel selected and press the “Routing” button, the first thing you see is a global setting (?)

    – mix sends of a channel can be set “pre” or “post”. You would expect that means “pre-fader” or “post-fader”. But no, it actually means “post-fader” or “pre-fader” ONLY if the corresponding mix routing “channel source” is set to “Post-All” (what? “Post-All” doesn’t mean post-all if a channel is set to “pre”?!). This is at least very confusing. “post” or “pre” (in a channel’s routing “mix sends” screen) are intuitively expected to mean “everything from the very input of the channel and including/excluding only the LR fader”. I think:
    * the mix sends in the channel routing should have an “LR fader in” or “LR fader out” option instead of the “pre” or “post” they have now. That would make clear what this option means.
    * the mix routing “channel source” should be renamed to “channel processing in sends” (the options in the combo box would then need a renaming too. Especially the “Post-All” value in the box is very misleading)
    * Independently from this, the corresponding mix routing “channel source” (or “channel processing in sends”) should be displayed in each column of the “mix sends” screen in a channel’s routing.

    – the “source” of a channel (Fn key in the first processing screen) is something concerning the routing of the channel’s input. This should be in the channel’s routing. Instead the “Channel Library” should be placed on that Fn button, and not together with the processing libraries in the Gate, PEQ and Comp screens redundantly. That way the function of the Fn button would be consistent in the channel processing screens, and the “source” routing can be found in the Routing screens.

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