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    Julian Tinao

    I have a few Shure ULXD4Q devices conected to the mixrack. The mixrack found them and appear online, the names and frequencies of the Shure devices are correct, but the Vu meter and RF meter does not move, there is no battery indicator and the controls “locate” “mute” “volume” don’t do anything.

    Is like the real time data from the devices is lost. I think that data is being filtered out because of the conections I’m using.
    I have all the Shure devices conected to a switcher, wich is my primary switcher for a lot of Dante redundant conections. I have a Dante 128×128 expansion card on the MixRack that is conected to that switcher, and it has the “Internal Network Bridge” switch “On”. That allows me to find the devices in the network that are conected through the same cable as the Dante primary.
    I know my switcher is not filtering anything because I use it to connect to Wireless workbech just fine.
    Maybe the conection through de Dante expansion card and the “Internal Network Bridge” is filtering real time data from the RF devices ? but it shouldn’t be this way. And if this is the case, any work around ?

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    Maybe the conection through de Dante expansion card and the “Internal Network Bridge” is filtering real time data from the RF devices ?

    I don’t think so. Are the devices set to the right mode?
    Is the Shure control network configured the right way? That’s independent of the Dante network.

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    Julian Tinao

    On the shure side everything is ok, because we are using shure workbench perfectly if i connect directly to the switcher. But even the workbench cannot find the devices if I connect to the other side of the gigaAce conection.

    The route is :
    Shure device > switcher > dante card on mixrack i/o port > main gigaAce to surface > notebook connected on network port of surface.

    Notebook directly to the switcher everything is ok, but a notebook connected on the surface network cannot find any device on workbench, and the desk find the devices but with the limitations explained before.

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