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    I would really like to record live shows for people. I got the SQ drive to record without a problem. Now how do I get that recording to another format for someone to use? I tried my computer but as soon as I did that the flash drive would not work back in the SQ. What do I need to do to transfer the recording to a place where I can give someone a copy of the recording without using up a whole flash drive that I can’t use again in my SQ?

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    Hi Jim,
    It’s a bit confusing at first.
    Section 13 of the SQ manual has some more detail but basically..

    When you format the flash drive on the desk for SQdrive recording, the formatting puts a particular directory structure onto the flashdrive and places recorded audio files (and saved settings) into specific subdirectories there.
    The structure seems to be this on my system

    Depending on whether you choose to record stereo or multitrack, your recording files with be in either USBMTK or USBREC.
    Recording multitrack creates a lot of files– one for each track. Every time you start and stop recording a new sub-directory is created with all the track files. Some files in there may be blank if you did not have input for that track but they should all be the same length and size within each recording even if empty of audio content.

    Stereo recording is 1 stereo file for each time you start recording: SQ-ST001…. SQ-ST002 etc

    The files there are standard audio .WAV files.. You can just extract them from their directory and load them up onto another flash drive or up to Dropbox or similar to get them to someone. The recipient can then load them into a DAW or just play them back or whatever.

    There are various threads here about which flash cards work well with the SQ and QU mixers and which don’t work well and may produce glitchy recordings.

    That said, if for some reason your flash drive does not work when you put it back in your SQ next time you use it, then maybe the expected directory structure got messed up somehow. Try to reformat it on the desk. The drive is not “consumed” in anyway (or should not be) but the specific structure is required for the desk to know where to put things. (Reformatting your flash drive on the desk before use is prob good practice anyway but make sure you save all prior contents to your computer. Not sure whether the reformat wipe all the content of the flash drive or just the AH directories and I can’t test at this moment but better save to be sure.)

    Hope that helps a bit.
    Others on here will know much more but will help clarify / expand above at basic level if I can

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    Mike C

    How did did copy the files from the drive and did you copy them

    Did anything get copied back on to the USB drive?

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