Received my SQ5!!! Scratched and bent USB port…I'm happy anyway!

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    Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you: I have received it today! Finally!
    I am so happy!
    Thank you to everybody who helped me and shared their valuable knowledge over the last few weeks!
    Even the scratches around the USB port and the bent connector inside can not make me less happy!
    The USB seems to be working okay. Well, I only turned it on the first time a few moments ago and successfully formatted a USB flash drive. It was brand new, in a factory sealed box, from an official A&H supplier.
    I attached a photo: just interested, is it kind of “normal” for a brand new, factory sealed SQ to have scratches and things like that?
    I’ve had lots of brand new pieces of equipment over the course of my life, but never seen something like that from a reputable brand… I actually own an A&H XONE:92 and it’s spotless! So I am very surprised…
    image is here

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Nemydom,

    No, it’s absolutely not normal and we would never expect this on a new purchase.

    Please could you send this in a ticket at with your place of purchase details?


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    that’s not normal

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    Here is another photo, showing the connector is actually a bit damaged… Not a big deal, providing it works. But how reliable it’s gonna be in the future? It would be nice to hear official A&H comments, please.
    bent connector

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    oops, sorry guys, I posted the second photo before I’ve seen your response…
    thanks, will do!

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    AMX Pete

    Traces/scratches of usage, screw next to the USB connector clearly overtightened ( that’s why the connector is so out of shape )
    Can’t imagine A&H has let that one go out of the “factory” like that.

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    The previous usage is impossible, as there was a protective film on the screen and the small channel screens, and it was completely sealed, in a plasic bag and a factory box.

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    Andre S

    Seams it slipped through QC… Check everything else very thoroughly and report to support. Mine had a faulty touchscreen encoder. The values jumped all over the place, when I turned it. Also other little things but we got it sorted out. The longest time without my mixer was, when it was laying around at the german distributor, while waiting for exchange parts from china. It took something like 2, almost 3 months…
    But as you know, I´m a happy SQ user nevertheless.


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    Sorry to hear that @nemydom. Best would be to contact the reseller and request a replacement. This is in my opinion part of his job and responsibility.

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    Received my SQ a couple of weeks ago, and funnily enough – bent USB for me too. I don’t believe it was retailer, but I’m not bothered by it to be honest. Seems to work fine, and USB feels snug in the slot.

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    The issue has been successfully resolved. Alex A&H, your help was amazing!
    Thank you very much!

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