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    I’ve watched a lot of videos, read the forum, and the manual…this might be coming home for Christmas, but just wanted some feedback from the user community regarding these questions….thanks in advance.

    1) Using the RackFX, how many inserts can be used in total? Can I put 1 on each of the 48 processing channels?

    2) The 32 Midi fader stripes is a separate channel type and not part of the 48 processing channels?

    3) Can these mixers recieve MMC commands? Or just send MMC only?

    4) Can you record into a Daw via option I\O card?

    5) For anyone using this in their studio, what functions does this mixer not provide that had to be outsourced to another device?

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I can answer the first 2…

    1. Each FX can only be inserted in one channel. To use one for multiple channels you can either send all the required channels to a group and insert in the group or use with an aux bus as send/return.
    Deep processing such as the addon compressors or tube stage are different. These can be selected in the channel itself using the Lib key without using the insert so you can have them individually for every channel.

    2. MIDI strips are just for sending/receiving MIDI data so they don’t do any processing and therefore are not part of the 48 processing channels.

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    Ad 3) afaik only send. See the Midi Reference document available on the product page for download.
    Ad 4) short answer: yes. The longer one is you can use a Dante or Waves card with the required driver to record vie the IO Card. Madi needs extra hardware.
    Ad 5) it is no synthesizer, studio monitor, refrigerator or coffee machine. You need also outsources microphones and guitars. All these are samples of things theSQ cannot do for you. 😉 but to be more serious the SQ is limited in available buildin effects, as any other mixer available. You can buy some extra plugins, but even then the limit is near. And you cannot do recording tasks like overdubbing with the SQ drive. Since there are for sure other things the SQ cannot do for you, you should be more precise in asking for features you expect from the SQ.

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    Thanks guys for the feedback. Today I found a video of a livestream Keith did where he explains a great deal about the routing, as well as other features of the mixer…very informative.

    I’m replacing my analog summing mixer and my madi AD\DA converter box in my project studio. As soon as that madi I\O card is in stock, I will be making the switch.

    Thanks A&H!

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