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    Hello all,

    I am using QU-SB in a small production environment.

    We have two commentators with a camera on them which has about 170ms audio delay

    The rest of the production is generally in sync.

    My current method:
    Channel 1 Caster 1
    Channel 2 Caster 2
    Channel 3 Return of Mix 1 via xlr -> 1/4 cable
    Channel 15-16 (other audio that is 0 ms sync)

    Main Mix: Channel 3 (Combined Channel 1+2) + Channel 15/16 -> this is what is sent to the production in the end
    Mix 1: Channel 1/2 prefader (no 15/16) -> mix out set to 170ms delay
    Mix7/8: Channel 1/2 prefader and 15/16 postfader -> Internal mix that the three of us listen to at 0 delay.

    Is there a better method to doing this? I feel like I would be able to make this simpler if I understood the mixer’s options better. I am also afraid of creating a feedback loop due to the method of how I am feeding the mix as a return.

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    Mike C

    What is the mix that is returned into ch3, what audio is in that mix?

    What is the “other audio” on ch15 & 16?

    Where does mix output 1 go to?

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    I confuse easily.

    Are you referring to channel strips 1 2 3 in the Qu or some other channel in some other device?
    What goes into the camera and where did it come from
    what comes out of the camera and where does it go to next

    ditto for the Qu inputs and outputs from/to where?

    Are you live streaming? Doesn’t OBS (or your other software) allow for syncing?

    Does each commentator have a camera and each has a delay on the audio in the camera?

    Are you physically routing the Qu mix1 out back into channel 3 input?

    We really need a better description of what you are doing and what you need to accomplish.

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    Thanks for replies.

    Cha 1/2/3 are mixer channels

    The return is exactly what I typed. Channel 3 Return of Mix 1 via xlr -> 1/4 cable

    The other audio is from a gaming console.

    OBS allows for sync but you can only set ‘overall sync’ and it has bugs (your settings are not remembered when you restart the app.) We would also have to set v/sync for a game video feed.

    The camera is a digital camera. nothing goes into it, the video from it comes back to us but has built in 170ms delay as I’ve said. This does involve a ‘live stream’ but I don’t want to do this outside of the mixer as it clearly has the functionality I need (the current setup works!)

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    Mike C

    Still not quite understanding why your routing mix 1 back into input channel 3, with a mis routing that could cause an internal feedback loop.

    OBS (at least the PC version) will remember the set up configuration.

    I guess what is you main production goal as in what you want to monitor, are you one of the on camera commentators?

    What “mix” do you want to send the video recording and or live stream?

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    OBS (ive tested since several version ago) does not remember this setting (it is supposed to)

    Method to recreate:
    Pick an audio input
    1)Set a delay (250ms + so you can feel the difference)
    2)Restart App
    3)Audio input says 250ms but is back to 0ms. (you have to set it to 250 again)

    Have reported this bug to them since several versions ago. If the only threat to this setup is misclicking then I still prefer it? Why are you guys adamant I should do something in software supported by hardware? I have expresed a few times I would prefer to do this in the hardware.

    The final mix is just L/R mix.

    In addition as I said above this would also force me to use v/sync filter in OBS which I do not want to use!

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    Don’t you need to delay ch 15/16 to the main mix also? If yes, add them to your mix1.

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    I actually DONT need those channels delayed (as I said in first post that stuff is coming in at perfect sync)
    That’s Why I chose this method

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    feeding back the ch3 like that is not a good idea
    but I still do not fully understand how you have it all connected and what you are really trying to achieve

    why not merge ch 1 & 3 in the Qu using a matrix then feed that to an audio interface going into PC
    that also receives camera signal where OBS does its thing and ships it out to livestream watchers
    (we also send to AM/FM too as well a second live stream)

    You can add delay in ch1 2 3 and matrix as well as mix and groups if needed to sync things

    you can run channel to group to mix to matrix to have multiple delays added if you want more

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    Ah, I was liking doing everything via usb =( But what you are saying about using the MTX makes sense and perhaps is even easier?

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    Final method map
    Channel 1 Caster 1 audio
    Channel 2 Caster 2 Audio
    Channel 15/16 audio from gaming console

    Mix 1 (delay 170):
    channel 1 + 2
    Mix 7/8 (delay 0):
    Channel 15/16

    MTX (To pc as main mix)
    MTX 1/2 (delay 0)
    Mix 1 + Mix 7/8

    Non mission critical:
    Mix 1 -> To PC as ‘caster audio only’ for discord / other

    This actually makes l/r main mix useless except for monitoring but it was the same in my previous method.

    I assume this is an improvement based on your replies! let me know your thoughts.

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    That seems to make sense to me. Except if the camera had a delay do you really want to add more delay?
    I thought you had to sync the camera picture with sound In OBS. {our video team does that, we just feed them live sound without delay from our Qu and the camera goes straight to the PC/OBS for processing}. Now if you have separate mikes and that is the delay then you still need to sync in OBS. You can not advance the sound in the Qu to catch up if it is behind the picture.

    I think you could also run the channels through a group and then into the mix if you really wanted a mix out.
    But the matrix gives you more control and one last chance to tweak all delays together. If you really need delay at all.

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    Mike C

    If you are or want to use the USB to send audio to OBS that works perfect, I’ve done
    it many times this year!!!

    The mixer will appear as a sound card to OBS and OBS will only pick audio
    from what are tracks 1 & 2 coming from the USB feed.

    In the IO set up menu under the USB tab you can select any channel or mix out source
    for any of the tracks.

    Keep in mind you can not directly send a channel to a matrix mix, only mix and group outs are available to a matrix mix.

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