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    I have installed the Qu-you app on iPhone 6. Everything seems to be working well, the fader meter shows the signal coming through. The fader moves the actual fader on the board (qu 32) and I can assign channels as well. But there is no sound in the headphones. Other apps work well on the phone. Any suggestions?

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    There won’t be sound on the phone. QU-You is just a control device for the console. It does not and cannot transmit audio to the phone itself. Only control monitor speakers or IEM levels.

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    There is not meant to be any sound from the phone. Qu-You & Qu-pad are control apps. As far as I know, nobody (yet) sends real time audio to/from a phone, there is always a small delay that make it unsuitable for musical monitoring.

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    Are you referring to the headphones plugged in to your iPhone or plugged in to the mixer?

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    Ethernet delays would be intolerable for live music, control delays are fine.

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