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    Hi running my wonderful qu16 for a gig with 8 different dance troupes and routines to supplied backing tracks. It seems that whilst a track is playing I cant interrogate the list if files on the USB stick in qu-drive to check the next track – dancers dont seem to believe in sequential numbers. Is it possible to update the firmware so as to allow you to review the files on the usb stick whilst a track is playing? It would be very very helpful for future dance gigs.

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    Don’t see your request happening anytime soon, probably never. You would be far better using a 3rd party device to run your tracks, at least that way you can shuffle them, create a playlist or at least see what is coming up next.

    The only job I use USB drive for is to either record, playback music for the aid of tuning my rig to the room or playing our intro tune for the start of our shows, works great in those instances.


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    I agree with Lee7. You shouldn’t rely on the QDrive for playback of dance tracks. Yes, dance companies always change their order, and the QDrive playback capabilities are not flexible. You should explore any of the many playback programs out there (QLab, ShowCueSystems, Soundplant, etc.) that are perfect for this type of playback.

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    And use Airplay if you can to make it even easier !


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    Mike C

    For what ever this may be worth to you, in the QU the USB playback file
    list is in the order that you copied the audio files to the USB stick.
    The last file copied to the USB drive is on the bottom of the list.

    Took me a minute of looking at the list to figure out the method was!

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