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    Hi All,
    So I purchased a mac mini and Reaper to use with my QU32. A few quick questions for those who know more than I (that’s most everyone!)

    I understand the matrix in Reason some but am having a hard time understanding exactly how to send recorded signal out to the mains properly. Ie. I don’t see a Main L/R or Stereo 3 in the matrix to send to. At the same time I am confused with mixing in the computer vs mixing with the QU. I have been able to record tracks and play back thru the mains but find that panning isn’t working correctly, thats the reason why I don’t believe I have my routing set up properly. I’ve read and watched videos but still don’t have it down. Will someone please simplify for me? New to DAW mixing with a hardware device like QU.

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    Gosh where to start with that?
    I dont know Reason at all however I do use Reaper.
    Reaper is such a flexible software program you can many options.
    Sometimes when you have the matrix page up on your screen if you right click above the matrix or to the left side NOT actually on the matrix it self you see the options to show less or more.
    Do you understand the Master/Parent boxes in the matrix?
    Do you understand the difference between ITB and mixing within the mixer?
    There are a few posts on here by myself and others
    here is one: https://community.allen-heath.com/forums/topic/qu32-with-reaper

    You can PM me

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    Thanks Dhak, I’ve read the second link but not the first. When my brain is working again I’ll try to fully digest it. I had about 7 hours straight working with the Qu/reaper/Mac for the first time today and my brain is fried.

    I misspoke in my op, I AM using Reaper.

    I’m not sure I understand fully the parent boxes.
    For recording, I’ve only done ITB mixing in the past. Using the Qu as a control surface is where I don’t understand how to properly use this setup. I’ve learned how to get individual signals say tracks 1-5 into Reapers channels 1-5 but I’m not sure how to mix from that point w the Qu. Also, I’m not sure how to return that signal from Reaper to the Qu then to my monitors (plugged into Main L/R) I see where some people return Reaper (etc) into ST3 but in the Reaper Matrix I see no ST3 or main L/R outputs.

    I’ll keep reading and learning, thank you for the help. Much appreciated.

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    A little by little at a time.
    On a QU32 you cant get the Reaper master back into ST1 2 or 3 returns.
    You can bring the Reaper masters back into channels 31 and 32 though which is right next to your main.
    When I use a QU32 for studio use I plug my studio monitors into ALT out and so I can PFL AFL etc both from Reaper software and or if mixing within the mixer.
    Sure its brain fry stuff at first however you will do it.
    A little by little.
    I will work up a diagram of the matrix to help you


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