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    Mozart Amadeus

    I am using QU 24 for FOH and Live streaming, I have been using aux as an output to computer for a while, but there will be a noise always and the volume will be too low that I could hear gradually only when I set the volume on streams at 100% and the quality was not much of speaking. So I thought using aux as an output for computer maybe the wrong and tried USB B for streaming to computer, I got the full quality there and I mapped the channel 17 and 18 in I/O patch to Mix 9 L and Mix 10 R (Since, I need different Mix for live stream). Now every problem is solved, I left with one issue. The audio streamed from Qu 24 is very low that, I have to set the mic and master fader to the top most to get good volume. Can you say some ideas to keep the faders at minimal and get good audio volume ?

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    Switch the channels in your 9/10 mix to Pre Fader so you can adjust levels separately from the main L/R mix. Also add compression with makeup gain to the 9/10 mix.

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    Mozart Amadeus

    Ok, I will try that.

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    Depending on your operation and personnel you may want to set the axu to POST fade.
    You can still go to those mix sends and set the balance needed for live stream but being
    set POST FADE the mix changes made to the main mix will track along to the live stream mix but at the proportion you set on the mix sends for live stream.

    If set PRE FADE you would need to be actively mixing the main the live stream mix at the same time.
    If you have a second sound person then they could be in a separate room monitoring and mixing the live stream or at least wearing good sealing headphones while mixing the live

    If you just want to duplicate the main mix as it is and send it to the live stream think about using a matrix mix output, that would still give you the additional level, EQ and compression options.

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