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    I’d like the ability to switch inputs onto an aux bus on a pre/post PER CHANNEL (rather than global for a bus)
    This allows me to send a copy of my main FOH channels as post-fade onto a broadcast bus, and also send my ambient mics pre-fade to the broadcast bus (I don’t want my ambients turned on to the main bus)

    I didn’t see this request – although it may have been made before.

    This is sort of linked to my other request for Main LR Bus on/off per channel.


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    Totally agree with this. I have used Midas MR series and Soundcraft UI series and I really miss this option in CQ. My use case is I need vocals to be post fader, that way for vocal monitors I can send a relative level, when I change the LR fader for vocals. Where as some other channels I need to be pre fader. For example I need FX to be send to an Aux bus without sending that FX to LR. At the moment this is not possible.

    Keith, can you pls confirm if the above is possible with a firmware upgrade or NOT possible due to hardware?

    Thank you

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    I’d also REALLY like pre/post selection to aux’s per channel!
    Especially important to have post fade for backing tracks going to monitors where fade outs are needed but the rest of the monitors need to be pre fade.

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    YES, this is must for most of my event workflows whether small or large, need per channel pre/post assignment!

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    This topic is also related, there’s no option to set the fx bus sends as pre-fader.

    Any updates on this?

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