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    Hey everyone hope you all well, I have a question about PFL routing. So I am currently building a cart that consists or 2 Shure AD4Q 4 channel RX, a SD Scorpio, and the SQ5. Now the way I have things currently routed through Dante is that the SQ5 is feeding the Scorpio with the recorder post fade. I want to be able to monitor off the record as for safety and to ensure everything is recorded properly. However, if the fader isn’t up there is nothing being sent to the recorder so you can’t PFL in to say, check a mic or speak privately with your boom operator. Is there a menu setting that I am missing to split the sends so my Mix LR is getting post fade and the other channels are getting a prefade send so that I could PFL when needed? Or if someone else has a better concept?

    Appreciate your help,


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    Mike C

    So you want to use PFL as a sort of intercom system that would include your voice, the main mix and a channel’s audio input that you want to monitor?

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    No, I want to be able to use the PFL toggles on the Scorpio to spot check/QC wires, or to speak privately with my boom op when on set if needed. To do that right now I would have to monitor off the SQ5 itself and I would rather be listening to the recorder to ensure it is recording properly.

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    Why even use the Scorpio?

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    Hi Dave,

    So you Inputs enter the SQ, and via Direct-Out (post Fader) via Dante to Scorpio.
    Why to use the pfl of the Scorpio?

    Use the Dante Out’s of the scorpio to send the ISO-Tracks to the SQ back!!
    So you get Rear-Band Control on the SQ.

    If you use a secound layer for the Tracks comming from the Scorpio it should be a nice system, and you can use the PFL of the SQ to check the recording!

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    So you get Rear-Band Control on the SQ.

    As far as I understand the block diagram of the Scorpio, there is no real rear-band listening.
    Even the solo system on the recorder is at the point where the data gets handed over to the writing engine and doesn’t read the written data.
    But it can output the data after all internal processing that can get recorded.

    I’m not intirely sure what you are trying to achieve.
    Is your send to the recorder set to the channel direct out and is this fader dependent?
    And is your PAFL point set to AFL on the inputs?

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