OS 14.14.2, GLD, Dante and Cubase audio issues

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    Thought I would let you know about any recent experience in case you run into this problem that I finally fixed.

    About the middle of November, I upgraded the OS on my MacPro to Mojave. Then, in preparing for a couple of live shows that I was to multitrack – one show with 24 inputs, the next one with 39, I ran into a problem. I have a GLD80 with Dante card installed and have had no problems running Cubase 9.5 on my Mac and recording multiple channels. But when I tested the system under the new Mac OS, for the life of me I could not get Dante and the GLD to communicate at all. Very frustrating. Tried all kinds of things, restarted software and the GLD multiple times in different orders (Cubase or what ever recording software used should always be the last to be stared), spent hours.
    Upon looking on the Dante website, it was noted that Controller and VSC were not tested to work with Mojave. So I downgraded to 10.3 (took forever to wipe and reload my Mac HD!) and got the Dante system & recording to work again, though I was not able to use my iPad to manage monitors, so had to adjust them from FOH, not ideal, but we recorded both shows no problem and musicians were fine with the monitor mixes.

    This week, I noticed that both VSC and Dante Controller had updates that will work with Mojave, so I upgraded my Mac OS to Mojave and updated both Dante softwares. All was in good order, green lights on the Controller and the GLD Remote worked on the iPad! Great, but for the life of me, I could not see a signal in Cubase 9.5. Checked all the routing, etc, no go. Searched forums for others who ran into similar issues, no go. I tried Audacity, but that wouldn’t register a signal either, even when using the Mac internal microphone. Went to bed and tried to sleep on it.

    This morning, with nothing to do but watch football games I am not interested in, I tried Audacity again and discovered they had an update, loaded it and then could get the Mac internal mic to register and record! Yea! So then I checked Cubase and discovered an update to CubasePro 9.5, loaded it in and the internal mic signal could be seen! Yea. Then went to the workshop, hooked laptop to the GLD, launched Cubase and Dante software and finally a signal from the GLD via Dante could be seen in Cubase. Problem solved!

    So for any of you who want to upgrade your Mac or PC OS, be sure to check for updates to ALL of your recording & networking software to be sure they will work with the new OS before you upgrade the OS. Lesson learned.

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