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    Does anyone have a description of what the Transient and Burn buttons do on the Opto compressor model? Perhaps I’m missing it, but I couldn’t find it in the docs anywhere.



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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Andy,

    We will be working on more materials for DEEP Processing models, but for the time being this is straight from the developer:

    Transient switches electro-luminescence recovery (release) response characteristic in and out. This is particularly noticeable on slow and med recovery settings. As the optical devices decay in brightness, the recovery slows as GR drops due to the non-linearity of the the light source (optical memory). It provides fast recovery for initial changes in compression recovery, but slows as the GR drops creating a punchy compressor without distortion.

    Burn switches in filament recovery, where the heat build-up in the optical devices due to previous programme dependent activity causes the recovery to be super slow. This can create an interesting side effect – a hold from recovery, preventing compressors pumping unnecessarily in passages but still maintaining a reasonably fast initial recovery rate.

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    Very interesting, thanks Nicola!

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    Just wondering if these materials became available.

    Thanks – John

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    The only place for information about Deep plugins is the firmware reference guide, as far as I know.
    The compressor models get no manual type explanations at all though. Wether on what the character of the models is, nor what the parameters do. So maybe they assume that everybody knows about the originals they are made after?
    But even then there seem to be values for some parameters that are not reflected by the original units. At least an interview with Rob Clark, who was part of some of the work, implies this. Watch “Mix Wizard” Sessions 10 to 12.
    But this interview can not replace a proper manual for sure!

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    LOL – a bit like most software development.
    Suppose I shouldn’t be cheeky but has been a fact as long as I’ve worked in software.

    Use the Opto for the first time with all our lecturn (and radio mic) speakers at the service yesterday – seemed to work nicely.
    Going to try it out on the soloists in the music group next.

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    The Mix Wizard on youtube made an extremely detailed 3 part video series about all the dLive compressors and interviewed Rob Clark at Allen & Heath who helped design them.

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    And here I thought Transient just allowed more transients through, and burn made it warmer… LOL thanks for the description Nicola!

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