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    Hey Y’all!

    Super excited to finally be entering the digital world for our main campus (about to throw away an old Soundcraft)! We are even more so stoked to be doing it with the dLive series.

    But we have a problem: most of our musicians would love to have their mix in their control and even in their pocket – which frees up our FOH sound mixers to do the most important part of their job: FOH mixing. We went with a Midas X32 for another one of our campuses and love the ability to mix on their own personal devices in a snap while making sure that our one-man sound engineers can mix for the room.

    And unfortunately dLive’s OneMix for iPad doesn’t truly solve the problem – without having to purchase individual iPad’s for every position (because few have them), we’re wondering if we can get an iPhone/Android equivalent of OneMix.

    I don’t think reinventing the wheel would have to be done. Simple, stripped-down functionality (pan and volume and some others) would accomplish the job.

    Any way this can happen?

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    +1 Yes please

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    need this so badly. We use the dLive C3500 at our church and it would help so much if the musicians could mix their own InEars.

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    Mark Oakley

    And the iLive, while you’re at it.


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    Not sure if the iLive will get any more love….


    Big +1 here.

    @ OP – in the meantime, if you do something like, get an x-dante card for an x32 rack, plus an m-dante card for your dlive, then spit tie-line outputs to the x32, you still get that flexibility w/o sacrificing inputs or busses internally on the dLive. You’ll need to do a bit of routing on the x32, and then your names will have to be manually adjusted on the x32 side, but you’d be doing that anyway if you were using duplicate input channels as IEM sends.

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    +100 Because the iPhone app IS available for the LESSER A&H mixers, it’s honestly shocking that it’s not available for the DLive. Honor your your flagship model with an iPhone app please!

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    dLive4You app please!

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    dLive4You app please!

    +1 Yes please!

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    How is this still not a thing?

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    They addressed this with the custom controller app.

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    The custom control app is an excelent solution, you can personal the funtions that the musicians want to have.

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    The custom control UI and functionality is garbage in comparison to the actual one mix app. Do make OneMix into an iPhone app!

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    Need to have IPhone app.
    You will take Yamaha market share if you add this feature. What are you thinking a&h🤷

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    +1 for the iPhone app!

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