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    I would love to be able to select a matrix in onemix app.
    A bonus would be the ability to set the OneMix app to turn on/off the sends to the respective bus instead of muting the input.

    Current scenario:
    Backline-tech wants a full mix and gets an aux for that. But also want to “solo” certain channels at times. I want to assign him a matrix in OneMix and let him have access to send level of his Aux and a set of input channels to this matrix, but I find that to not be possible.

    My current work-around includes sending his original full-mix aux back to a st.input, then sending that st.input to a second stereo aux together with the few inputs he needs access to, then assigning his OneMix app and IEM-outs to that second aux. It works, doesn’t feel sexy.

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    Matthew Mixes

    I think the best solution for this is A&H custom control app. You should set up an additional PAFL bus and route that to the Backline RF Tx. Then route the usual Backline Aux in the default mix section and the shout bus/aux to the ex input Talk to PAFL.

    Then build them a page in custom control with buttons to solo the things they need. You can also use custom control for their TB assign so they can select which band member they need to talk to.

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    That is an interesting and very good suggestion.
    My previous feature requests still stands, but I will definitely try something along your suggestion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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