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    Today is an awesome day to be invested in the onboard, factory offered, tools for sonic shaping. It makes me want to invest more, not less, into the use of tools like this that run native on the desk, that meter directly on the desk, that the desk encoders can control and, most importantly, dont require a subscription. It makes it easier for us to sell A&H products to our clients knowing this as well…

    The more capable and diverse the onboard offerings are, the less sense (in 95% of our markets anyway) it will make to stand up the infrastructure for the alternative…

    So with that, I would love to see a suite of tools available for the broadcast application like additional metering or limiting or harmonic enhancements… even if they are a part of a DEEPER package than the DEEP offerings, I would still so much rather stay in the box at this point…

    Interested in the thoughts of others!

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    I wonder what the DLive processors would actually be capable of and also the group processing needs a big beef up to really get around benefitting from external processing.

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    agreed on the buss processing… the more that i can do on the desk, the less and less I will feel even the slightest thought of trying to go towards external solutions…

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    I’m going to jump on this and say I would love to see a Lufs meter. Even if it has to be an insert. I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses a dLive for broadcast.

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    I agree. I’d give anything to have a Pultec EQ and the API comp and EQs onboard, as well as something like the Waves L2 or L3 Multimaximizer.

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    Oh One of my favourite subjects!

    I would need:

    Auto-tune. Slate Metatune would be a good starting point, if AH can source it inside Audiotonix.

    -Distressor. Again Slate Digital FG-Stress is already a great model.

    -Good Limiter with LUFS meter. Simplified FG-X Mastering would do.

    -TrackSpacer style DYN8. EQ that analyses an external sidechain.

    -Nicer Reverb. Bricasti M7-style. Slate has this already on FG-BM7.

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    You’re not alone! Would love a LUFs meter option and some additional limiters for broadcast use.

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