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    Brian Gregory

    Looking for some newbie advice. My 14 yo son is in a couple of teen bands that are taking off. He’s gigging for money at least once a week. I”m just a Dad trying to figure this stuff out (way out of my league with pro sound).
    We are currently using a Presonus 16.0.2 mixer and looking to upgrade. Trying to spend limited funds wisely – get a good product we can run and won’t outgrow too quickly.

    From my research, I was down to the X32 Rack and QU-SB. I want to be able to mix from the audience, not sit on the stage with the kids. I’m a techie guy, so I’m comfortable with the apps.

    I’m a Windows/Android guy as well, so I bought the X32 Rack. (If you’re listening AH, Windows/Android support would make your stuff a no brainer). But we’re struggling with the X32. I think we’ll figure it out but still nervous.

    I hacked around and figured out the Presonus board. I could go with their Rack board as well, but it didn’t seem to hold up against the QU.

    I could return the X32 Rack and I’m wondering if I should. Does the AH make more sense? Will it limit us down the road? Any thoughts or advice is appreciated.

    Along those lines, let’s say I decide to try the QU. Am I making a mistake getting the SB? I really don’t plan to use the faders and such, but if it’s a mistake to not get the QU-16, nows the time to do it right.

    If anyone out there has some advice I’ll certainly take it.

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    Maybe take a look at the Qu-PAC?
    Gives you the option of controlling things from the front panel should your WiFi go down, which is reassuring, though I’ve never had to resort to that. Almost exactly the same set of inputs and outputs as the SB.

    Then there’s the MixPad app for android tablets – not an A&H product, and I think you’d want to buy the pro version, but it’s not expensive. Seems very popular with many users, though as I’m an Apple/iPad sort of guy, I’ve not really done more than have a quick look at it. Hopefully somebody who uses it will be along soon to tell you more.

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    As Mark has already mentioned, ‘Mixing Station’ is a 3rd party app for QU series (among others) but is extremely good. I use the A&H app with my iPAD PRO and Mixing Station with my Samsung View. I am very comfortable using either or both. I have the QU16 and QU-PAC. I love the workflow and build quality of the QU products.

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    Hmm, Brian, you did not mentioned why you are struggling with the X32. So maybe you now exchange one product by another just to see you will have the same issues. For me personally the Qu was never an option to replace the X32.
    If you want to replace the X32 you should go the SQ route. It become now more and more a competitive product to replace the X32 or M32, even if there are still some open points on the comparsion chart. Ok, there is no rack only version available for the SQ but probably you will like the possibilty to use a hardware surface once when the Wifi breaks down. And the SQ comes with remote apps for IOS and Android.

    BTW: Mixingstation for QU is developed by the same guy as Mixingstation for X32. So, even if the feature set is not the same, both apps shares the same intellectual DNA.


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    Mike C

    Control APP aside, from the way I take it your issues are just figuring out
    the routing structure, set up, and general operation of the X32 rack. I feel the QU series is more intuitive, it does has a few routing less routing options than an X32
    that in your set up you would not miss at all.

    That said coming into a full featured digital mixing system with no real prior audio mixer and sound system experience your going to hit a steep learning curve.
    I would suggest finding someone in your area who really knows live sound production, speaks fluent X32 or QU and hire them for someone on one lessons and then have them
    come out to a show with you.

    In the mean time set up a mini system at home with the mixer, watch some YouTube videos,
    read the manual and start playing with the system.

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