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    Having done lighting as well as audio, one feature on most lighting desks that is very useful is “nested palettes” for color or position etc.

    Does anyone else feel this would be useful feature for the D-live with regards to library for EQ etc. ?
    I ask because we often are moving our d-live shows between venues with different house rigs, thus having to re-eq our inputs.
    I feel it would be useful if I was able to just update my library for a particular input and then the scenes would reference those libraries.
    This would mean we would not have to update each scene.

    So from the outset of setting up a show we would store a library for every input, these are recorded and stored. Then when we store a scene it has
    recorded my library for each input.
    Now when I move to my next venue and I update my “Susie Hat EQ” library it is automatically updated in all the scenes in the show that reference that library.
    Saving time hunting thru the show and updating it manually.

    Of course if we are running our scenes with eq safed then it’s a non issue, however we often run our eq’s unsafed on some inputs as we need
    to change eq for Hats or other costume pieces, or sometimes an input is shared by multiple vocalists .

    Likewise for Dyn settings as we often run unsafed as we need to change the settings for some scenes in a show.


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    not useful… sorry

    and you didn’t understand the scenes…
    everything is saved, you decide what you recall

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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