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    I dont know if the suggestion is already writing but I suggest you add the name of the track in the name of record files like

    TRK01.WAV -> TRK01 – piste1.WAV (for example) ( you use the 6 characters in the name of track 1) and if the name of track is null perhaps you use TRK01 – TRK01.WAV, for the track after the inputs tracks I propose you use the name display in the au-drive Multitrack window.

    With that we don’t loss time to rename each files for used the recorded track for anything.

    Thank to take account my suggest.

    Best Regards.

    M. Givord

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    I wouls like to add this too, in proper English (or Anerican anyway, no offense!)

    Taking the time to name the channels on the board needs to transfer to the record tracks as well! it’ll save lots of time in the DAW after recording, a simple import rather than import, rename, and resave! Shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

    I also continue to request 26 record tracks on the Qu-24. It is a MAJOR oversight to not do that.

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    Good idea…

    I don’t use the qu drive to the daw much…

    But it would be very nice to have the name of the track…

    Perhaps a setup option for names would be even better…

    Like options,
    #1 – Track_num.wav
    #2 – Track_name.wav
    #3 – Track_name-Track_num.wav
    #4 – Track_num-Track_name.wav

    I can see uses for all those depending on where and what the console is being used for…

    I myself would use #3 in my studio easy search/look for the musician when loading files onto the daw would be slick…

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    Good idea.

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    Good Idea. I’d also like the ability to make the Qu drive directly compatible with the Ice-16. I often record the services at my church and bring them home to mix down on my analogue mixer using my Ice-16 (Because I love working on analogue). Being able to use the QU drive directly on the ICE-16 would save a lot of time renaming and re-organizing all the files to make it work.

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    also need a way to rename and delete the stereo recordings.

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