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    Hello from the Netherlands,

    My first post here after reading up on some of the greatly helpful content here!

    I am a electronic music producer and up until now have been recording live performances thru my Xone PX5 audio card and it has been great

    As I am no stranger to the well known Gear Acquisition Syndrome, more and more synths and effects find their way into my live, giving birth to the need for a bigger desk with more flexibility.

    Enter the QU 24

    The switch from the 4 fader DJ mixer to the QU 24 is a bit overwhelming, I must say 🙂

    I am wondering how I want to use the QU 24 and what my setup and routing could look like

    My preferred workflow is to record live jams with minimal in the box editing, but with the flexibility of changing things in the box if so desired.

    Can I multitrack through USB to Ableton (pre fader) while at the same time record fader movements and button presses (like engaging and disengaging mute groups)? In other words record the live performance in sound and UI interactions so edits in ableton have a better starting point then only the sound recordings per channel

    Sorry if this is a weird way of looking at the process, I am a total noob and trying to work out how I would want to use these tools

    Thanks for your input in advance!



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