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    I don’t think it’s so pessimistic.
    Of course, only channels that are on ONE fader bank can be accessed, and then logically only channels of the same type can be accessed (either inputs or busses).
    a signaling of the selection with flashing SEL keys would show only the channels that are selected even on mixed banks.

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    ok, then I repeat again, maybe I did not explain it well what I mean:
    you can use this if you follow one rule: only channels of the same type can be used.
    so only inputs or mix busses, exactly the same way as in the ganging menu.
    then the logic is simple: only functions of the same type are coupled in the respective layer. and at these channels the SEL buttons flash, so you can see which gangings you have created.

    if this is solved in this way, there is no limitation due to the flexible layer structure.

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    I would remind us on this feature request from the past…

    it still would be a good workflow enhancement…
    but there are still questions on the implementation… at least on my side.

    holding a soft button and then adding the strips with the select button no matter which layer would be a doable solution for me.

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    I would like to bring this up again! A multi-select/temporary gang feature would be a great workflow enhancement in lots of situations, from setup of many lav channels to working with multiple instances of the same source like orchestras and choirs.

    In my mind the easiest way to achieve this would be to hold down a select button and then press a second button to get a range of channels or individual select buttons for selecting individual channels not depending on their location on the surface. Then a single press on any select button will disengage the gang. The feature could be enabled or disabled in the surface settings and that setting could, but not necessarily, be assigned to a soft key (like the DCA spill setting for example).

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    It might also help if we weren’t limited to 16 gangs, if different parameters on one channel could belong to different gangs, and lastly if you could toggle gangs off and on.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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